Secret herbal Toner

シークレット ハーバル トナー

¥6,800(税抜 / excluding tax)

For moist skin from powerful moisturizing herbal power.

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Features It is a multi-functional lotion composed of all essence for beauty: serum + organic essential oil + organic herbs + oriental herbs.
Horsetail extract provides firmness and elasticity to the skin, and hamamelis extract tightens the skin to provide moist and gloss.
Capacity 100ml
Usage Daily use in the morning and evening, take a portion of 5-7 pushes, make it warm with both hands, gently apply onto the entire face.
Ingredients Aqua, witch hazel branches extract, denatured alcohol, glycerin, pentylene glycol, horsetail extract, rehmannia root extract, Zenioai flower extract, lavender flower extract, Roman chamomile flower extract, cane calendula flower extract, Atlas Cedar bark oil, basil oil, lavender oil , bitter orange flower oil, phenoxyethanol, benzyl alcohol, sorbic acid K, tocopherol, lactic acid, ascorbyl phosphate Na, BG, ethanol, saxifrage extract, litchi extract, hydrangea extract, Yuriekisu