Herbal Rescue Oil 30ml

ハーバル レスキュー オイル 30ml

¥12,500(税抜 / excluding tax)

Luxury dense texture blended from from high quality herbal oil for a moisture and shiny skin.

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Features Softening and moisturising skin by plant-originated cosmetic oil which is said to be close to the skin mechanism with ethinyl estradiol (female hormone derivative) providing skin with gloss and moist.
Capacity 30ml
Usage Daily use in the evening before applying cream.. Take a portion of 2 pushes to the palm, make it warm with both hands, and rub gently on the entire face, and firmly press the face.. Massage from the neck to the neckline for a firm skin.
Ingredients St. John's Wort oil, hazelnut seed oil, almond oil, wheat germ oil, canola oil, jojoba oil, Kaninabara fruit oil, oxybenzone -3, aloe vera leaf extract, borage seed oil, lavender oil, tocopherol, geranium oil, fennel oil, Melissa leaves oil, ethinyl estradiol