Floral Shower
Hair Treatment Oil

フローラル・シャワー ヘア トリートメント オイル

¥3,200(税抜 / excluding tax)

Forming up the basis of beautiful hair.

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Features Essential oils to prevent the scalp and hair from drying, ethinylestradiol ingredient to promote hair growth, for moisturizing and shiny hair.
Capacity 50ml
Usage Finish for styling: Rubbing the oil onto the whole hair.
For scalp care: massage head with the fingertips, which stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp for firmness and elasticity.
Before shampoo: after a light brushing, massage softly with Floral Shower to remove sebum of scalp, then after massage wash and remove Floral Shower with warm water. Finally, wash hair with shampoo.
After bath: After drying with towel, apply Floral Shower on the wet hair ends. Blowdry then apply Floral Shower on the whole dry hair again.
Ingredients Safflower oil, Alga near spinosa kernel oil, meadowfoam oil, geranium oil, tocopherol, damask rose extract, ethinyl estradiol


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