Shinkaku Candy


¥1,500(税抜 / excluding tax)

The "Shinkaku Candy" was designed to refresh the body and mind under the supervision of Ise Kusuri Honpo, which has a 450-year history.
How to take it: Please take it anywhere and anytime.
Please take it slowly so that the candy does not get stuck in your throat.
CBD, Ginkgo biloba, Kagikazura leaf, and Matcha green tea are contained in this product.

Comming soon.


Name Candy
Features Established in the first year of the Genki era
Supervised by Ise Kusuri Honpo with 450 years of history
Contains CBD by Folium Biosciences to Japanese specifications
Certified by the Japan Cannabidiol Association
All lots are analyzed and tested, and the test results are made publicly available
Capacity 40g
Preservation method Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.
Ingredients Sugar (manufactured in Japan) / Starch syrup / Matcha green tea / Ginkgo biloba extract / Cercidiphyllum japonicum leaf / Hemp extract powder (CBD) / Cha extract