Boost Hormonene
All-in-one Face Oil Light

オールインワン フェイスオイル ライト

¥6,000(税抜 / excluding tax)

For fresh shiny skin with two-layer beauty product composed of light oil and herbs.

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Features 8 kinds of beauty oils and herbs, ethinyl estradiol (female hormone derivative), and ascorbyl phosphate Na (vitamin C derivative) provide skin with moisture.
Capacity 30ml
Usage After face wash, shake the product well until the 2 layers blended to form an opaque yellow color,take a portion of 2-3 pushes into the palm, gently apply on the entire face.
Ingredients Safflower oil, water, Alga near spinosa kernel oil, meadowfoam oil, denatured alcohol, glycerin, lactic acid, pentylene glycol, Roman chamomile flower extract, ethinyl estradiol, mallow flower extract, rehmannia root extract, horsetail extract, lavender flower extract, Deng calendula flower extract, witch hazel branches extract, ascorbyl phosphate Na, Yuriekisu, litchi extract, saxifrage extract, hydrangea extract, basil oil, Atlas cedar bark oil, lavender oil, bitter orange blossom oil, geranium oil, tocopherol, damask rose extract, honeysuckle flower extract, phenoxyethanol, benzyl alcohol, sorbic acid K, polysorbate 20, BG, citric acid


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