Boost Hormonene
All-in-one Cleanser

オールインワン クレンザー

¥4,000(税抜 / excluding tax)

Easy and quick cleanser with moist feature.

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Features It is highly recommended for modern women living in a fast-paced life. Simple and quick cleanser that functions as both cleansing + facial cleansing.
Beauty vegetable oil and ethinyl estradiol (female hormone derivative) removes the dirt without imposing a burden on the skin, and prevents rough skin for a shiny, moist and firm skin.
Capacity 100g
Usage Take an appropriate amount, apply on dry skin, gently massage to remove the makeup and dirt. After cleansing, please carefully rinse with water or warm water.
Ingredients Aqua, sunflower seed oil, almond oil, palm oil, glyceryl stearate (SE), cocoa butter, stearic acid, laureth -3, Cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, coco alkyl sulfate Na, ethinyl estradiol, damask rose flower oil, geranium oil , aloe vera juice powder, Nigerasachiba seed oil, tocopherol, p- anisic acid, sucrose stearate, sesame oil, caprylic acid, glycerol, xanthan gum, retinol acetate, citric acid, benzyl alcohol, phenoxyethanol, sorbic acid K


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